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    Closet Wardrobe 41528

    350 EGP
    The closet closet is ideal for you and your home, it is a closet with great space, practical and easy to install that will give you the best comfort to organize all your clothes as you wish without any complicity.

    خزانة اطفال تتكون من اربع مكعبات مربعة الشكل

    300 EGP
    خزانة اطفال تتكون من اربع مكعبات مربعة الشكل يمكن ان تكون كل واحدة بشكل مستقل

    Black & Decker 1800W Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, VO1850

    2300 EGP 2999 EGP
    Black and Decker vacuum cleaner boasts a solid build and user friendly features. This Black Decker vacuum cleaner sports a brown finish. The Black and Decker VO1850 Steam Vacuum Cleaner is here to accompany you in all your cleaning sessions. It generates powerful suction prowess to take care of your daily chores without breaking a sweat.

    Black & Decker 1800W Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Blower, WV1400

    3500 EGP 3999 EGP
    Keep your home clean and tidy all the time with minimal effort once you buy the Black & Decker 11/16 Liters WV1400-B5 wet and dry cleaner. The white canister-type vacuum cleaner is designed for efficient and effective cleaning. Whether you need dry or wet cleaning, this multi-purpose cleaner can be effective and efficient, making it a perfect appliance for every household.

    Black & Decker 2000W Bagged Vacuum Cleaner, VM2200B

    2300 EGP 2999 EGP
    Black and Decker vacuum cleaner is meant to clean every corner and crevice. Featuring HEPA filter, this vacuum cleaner has a capacity of 3.5L. With advanced features and a modern design, the Black and Decker Bagged Vacuum Cleaner takes cleaning to a whole new level. This vacuum cleaner features a motor of 2000W and a 5m long cable for powerful cleaning. This Black and Decker vacuum ...

    Black & Decker FSMH1621 Steam-Mop Deluxe with Steambuster

    2950 EGP 3299 EGP
    Black and Decker steam mop kills 99.9 percent bacteria and other germs. It comes with a detachable Black and Decker steambuster.Clean the floors of your lovely house with the Black and Decker 1600W 2-in-1 Steam Mop FSMH1621-B5. This 2-in-1 mop comes with a detachable Black and Decker Steambuster handheld unit for your convenience. Courtesy of its digital AutoSelect Technology