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    عدد 12 قطع من الاوانى الاستانلس المقاوم للصدأ

    2200 EGP
    طقم اوانى استانلس ذات طلاء مضاد للجراثيم والبيكتريا ويمكن تنظيفة بسهولة وأمان فى غسالة الصحون بعد ازالة الاطعمة اللاصقة كما يمكن شطفة بالماء بأستخدام منظفات معتدلة ثم يجفف بقطعة قماش ناعمة. انة طقم يضيف لمطبخك لمسة جمالية مع تحضير طعام صحى وأمن لآسرتك.

    5 قطع ادوات طهى جرانيت تركى

    1590 EGP
    طلاء مضاد للجرثوم مضاد للبكتيريا متين ومضاد للبكتيريا يمكن تنظيفه بأمان في غسالة الصحون بعد إزالة جميع الملصقات طقم الغسيل ، شطف بالماء ومنظف معتدل ثم يجف بقطعة قماش ناعمة يضيف لمسة جمالية لمطبخك أعطي لك الطعام الصحي يمكن استخدام مجموعة من الجرانيت في درجة حرارة عالية ، مثل الفرن الأمن على الغسالات والتنظيف السهل لا عصا ...

    Folding Shopping Bag & Trolley Bag 4489

    120 EGP
    100% New And Good Quality Product Features:Handy & LightweightDurable Oxford clothingFold-up design for easy storage & carryingBags on two foldable whee...

    Jospeh Joseph M-Cuisine™ Microwave 4-Piece Stackable Cooking Set 32567

    190 EGP
    M-Cuisine_ is a range of highly functional cookware that enables you to produce delicious, home-cooked food with ease in your microwave oven. All of the products in the range have been designed with convenience in mind and this is reflected in the multiple functions and ergonomics of each item. With M-Cuisine_ you can enjoy everything from a simple poached egg right up to a complete family meal.

    Multicolor 4-Layer Colorful 360 Degree Rotating Creative Blends Flavors the Box Seasoning Rack 2198

    85 EGP
    Product Dimension (in cms): 26 x 12.5 x 12.5, Color:- Multicolor , Package Content:- 1 Unit 100% brand new and high quality Seasoning box, imported transparent material, easy to see inside. Come with 4 independent boxes which can used to hold salt, sugar, peanut meal, chicken essence and other seasonings in your kitchen, and can be turn by 360 degree You can operate it by one hand while you are cooking the food with other Fashionable and practical design, easy to clean and use. A wonderful gadget for your kitchen

    Summer creative 2 in 1 Mist spray water bottle 418596

    60 EGP 100 EGP
    This Water Bottle With Mist Sprayer is easy to carry & it is your best companion to save you from heat. Be it outdoor or going out on a picnic get relived from sunstroke. fill it with cold water and its Ready to use. for more cool effect you can put some ice cubes or eau de cologne for refresh your mood.By Just soft Press of Button it Generates Water Mist, ensure that it is user friendly and safe for kids. Very handy at places where you need it most.